About Me

What we do.

We are not doing this to make a few bucks here and there, We are not from some crappy eastern europe country and happy to scam people for 50 EUR.

We are professional computer experts who could earn 50-100 EUR an hour with a legal job.
So stop reading if you don’t have a serious problem worth spending some cash at.

Technical skills:
– C/C++, Assembler, Delphi
– 0day Exploits, Highly personalized trojans, Bots, DDOS
– Spear Phishing Attacks to get accounts from selected targets
– Basically anything a hacker needs to be successful, if i don’t know it, i’ll learn it very fast
– Anonymity: no one will ever find out who i am or anything about my clients.

Social Engineering skills:
– Very good written and spoken (phone calls) english, spanish and german.
– If i can’t hack something technically i’ll make phone calls or write emails to the target to get the needed information, i have had people make things you wouldn’t believe really often.
– A lot of experience with security practices inside big corporations.

If i think a specific job takes more time and money i will either refund you or you will send the remaining once we talked.




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We provide the best hacking services on the modern web. Our workforce is structured to handle transactions and carry out hacks in the fastest, most efficient manner, while our scripts and applications are frequently updated to stay ahead.

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